Beetles Coleoptera 400,000
Butterflies and Moths Lepidoptera 157,000
Flies Diptera 155,000
Ants, Bees, Wasps, Sawflies Hymenoptera 116,000
True Bugs Hemiptera 80,000
Grasshoppers, Crickets, Katydids Orthoptera 23,000
Dragonflies and Damselflies Odonata 5,500
Mantis Mantodea 2,400
Praying Mantis


Funnel Weavers Agelenidae 1,200
Orb Weavers Araneidae 3,122
Jumping Spiders Salticidae 6,000
Sac Spiders Clubionidae 700
Crab Thomisidae 2,155
Woodlouse Hunter Dysderids 625
Sheet Weaver Linyphiidae 5,400

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Praying Mantis

Patio Life

There is a mean-looking wasp sitting on the arm of an empty teak chair in my backyard patio. Every day the wasp visits. Why does it keep landing on the chair?

I want answers.

I live in a small town, at least spatially, in Greater Boston. The town is 5.5 square miles with 42,000 residents and an abundance of tiny, often unseen critters lurking in its yards—yards measured in square feet, not acres.

With a couple chairs and a few flowers, a small suburban oasis was created on the patio.

But those wasps…and these tiny spiders that seem to jump into thin air? What else is living around me?

I need answers.

The camera provides an up-close peak at my fellow patio dwellers whose respective behaviors pique my curiosity and intrigue me.

Whether planting a single flower or large garden—I discovered you won’t have to travel far to find interesting neighbors if I look close enough.

If you plant it, they will come.

See Collection

Patio Life - Upcoming Exhibition at the Griffin Museum.

Atelier 27 - Opens March 8, 2018.