Patio Life – If You Plant It – They Will Come


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Patio Life is a 124 page, 8 x 8 inch perfect bound book of colorful insects with fun and interesting facts. The book is arrives in a custom 8.5 x 8.5 inch box and includes a package of seeds to create your own version of Patio Life. Printed on Mohawk superfine ultrawhite eggshell 100# text, archival and acid free paper.

34 in stock

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Patio Life takes a closer look at the unseen life that surrounds us at home, reminding us, you do not have to travel far to find interesting neighbors.

There is a mean-looking wasp sitting on the arm of an empty teak chair on the patio in my backyard. Every day the wasp visits. Why does it keep landing on the chair?

I want answers.

I live in a small town, at least spatially, in Greater Boston. The town is five and a half square miles with 42,000 residents and an abundance of tiny, often unseen critters lurking in its yards—yards measured in square feet, not acres.

With a couple of chairs and a few flowers, a small suburban oasis was created on the patio.

But those wasps…and these tiny spiders that seem to jump into thin air? What else is living around me?

I need answers.

The camera provides an up-close peek at my fellow patio dwellers whose respective behaviors pique my curiosity and intrigue me.

All subjects seen were photographed outdoors in my backyard or front porch; none were harmed.

Whether planting a single flower or large garden—you won’t have to travel far to find interesting neighbors if you look close enough.

If you plant it, they will come.